Vaginal Dryness & Sexual Lubricants

Which sexual lubricant to use is a very common question. Some women think they shouldn’t use any at all, feeling it’s “not womanly.” Some think it’s messy and prefer not to use it. These women can suffer with painful intercourse because of the friction in a dry...

Try a little honey, sugar

I’m enjoying the heck out of this lovely August and I’m hoping you are all grabbing the very last minute of this lovely laid-back time before the frantic pace of life starts up again, with the start of another school year. It feels right to take a look at a pet topic...

Valentine’s Tip

If you have children, put them to bed early tonight. Set the dinner table for two (even if you can only afford noodles) Use candles and play those soft love songs. Share and enjoy this time together.

Sex After Marriage

Have you ever noticed that many people still seem to carry the belief that our sex lives get worse, not better, after marriage? In fact there are several bad taste jokes to amplify the message: “What’s the best diet to reduce sex? Wedding Cake!” As a sex therapist I...

Daily Valentine Tip

Pick up a few furry, fluffy, funny items and surprise your loved one on every day for the week upcoming…then get into the habit for the year ahead. If you need some ideas, you can always visit my product site fantasyaidkits

SexFaks by Dr. Fran

SexFaks by Dr. Fran ~ Play love songs as often as possible – Pandora is free and you can choose the genre. Check out my product site ~ Fantasy Aid Kits