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If you are having trouble connecting with your partner a lovely very intimate exercise is eye gazing.  I did this in school with a virtual stranger and by the end of 10 minutes I felt incredibly, deeply in touch with her.


Sit in upright chairs close together, knees touching but no other physical contact.  Remove eye glasses, yes you will be able to see well enough to do this unless of course you are legally blind, in which case cup your partners face in your hands and allow the energy to flow from him/her through your body as you gaze toward their eyes.

Do this uninterrupted for 10 minutes (set a timer).   When you have completed this exercise sit in silence for a few minutes to allow your mind to reflect on what you experienced and get ready for a follow up exercise.

When you are finished thank each other and allow a further 10 minutes for feed back.    Each person gets to speak uninterrupted for 5 minutes with no comments, criticism, clarification or facial expression to display any emotion. Simply give each other the space and respect to reflect; then switch and allow your partner his/her 5 minutes.

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