Your PC Muscle & You

The pubococcygeus muscle (PC for short) is the sling of muscles supporting your genitals. Both women and men have a PC muscle, and both can benefit sexually from exercising it.

To find your PC muscle, practice stopping a stream of urine in mid-flow. The muscle you tighten to do this is the PC muscle. Kegel exercises (named after the gynecologist who first popularized PC exercises) involve rhythmically contracting and relaxing the muscle.

A healthy PC muscle prevents urinary incontinence. However, increased bladder control is certainly not the only benefit resulting from Kegel exercises. Exercising will increase blood flow to the genitals, and improved muscle tone will enhance your sensitivity to vaginal and anal stimulation. Many people report easier and stronger orgasms when their PC muscle is in tone. That’s plenty of reason to exercise!

So let’s begin…

PC Muscle Exercises for Men

The pubococcygeous muscle (PC muscle) supports the genitals for both men and women, and its good muscle tone can help to enhance good sexual relations. It is the contractions of this muscle that are a major part of orgasm. It can also be utilized to help control orgasmic response. Good muscle tone can mean increased blood circulation and increased sexual awareness and responsiveness. There are four main exercises for you to do. In order to be certain that you are focusing on the correct muscle, you need to know what it is by this muscle that you are able to raise your penis.

Do each exercise the prescribed number of times each day. You can do them while driving, sitting at a desk, standing in line, etc. Once good muscle tone is established, maintenance exercises should be continued throughout your life.

- Tighten the PC muscle and hold it tightened for a slow count of three – then relax it.

- Tighten and release the PC muscle as fast as possible for a period of ten seconds. This flicking approximates the muscle’s behavior during orgasm.

- Breathe in deeply, tightening the PC muscle as you inhale. Then release.

- Bear down as though having a bowel movement. Then relax from bearing down. As you relax these muscles, tighten the PC muscle.