NO MYTHS, JUST FACTS: Sexuality Workshops and Seminars

SPECIALIZED WORKSHOPS FOR: ~ Women’s Groups ~ Medical Professionals (formal and/or informal) ~ Recovering Patients of cardiac injury, spinal chord injury, cancer surgery, hysterectomy or prostatectomy, or other physical traumas ~ Seniors

WORKSHOP & SEMINAR TOPICS: ~ Women’s Sexual Health ~ Intimacy and Sexuality for All Ages ~ Sexuality and Intimacy after Illness or Injury ~ Responding to Patient’s Sexual Concerns

Dr. Fran Fisher thrives in interactive environments such as workshops! She presents the workshop material with humor and warmth. She brings years of professional experience along with informative new research. The milestones of life, such as marriage, pregnancy, menopause, disability, and general aging, affect our sex lives, our sense of well being, and our intimate relationships. Dr. Fran can customize a workshop to fit your groups’ needs and concerns. Through the use of multi-media, video, music and a display of sexual aids, she creates a lively and engaging program. Audience participation and questions are always welcomed. E-mail me direct for workshops at Fran

“My husband and I attended one of Dr. Fran Fisher’s sexuality seminars for couples. Neither of us had participated in anything like it before and was a bit unsure of what to expect. After seating ourselves, we looked around the room of 100 plus people observing couples ranging in ages from 18 to 80. While waiting for the seminar to begin, I began to wonder how Dr. Fisher would introduce the topic of sexuality, however, liberal as we view modern-day society, truth be told we’re all a bit shy when it comes to talking about it. Excuse the pun. Fran Fisher immediately put all at ease with a rather humorous short video. A true icebreaker. From there she had the crowd’s attention with her ease of discussing how our sexual behavior is formed to how it affects our expectations and ultimate happiness. At intermission the crowd mingled around the room looking at tables filled with sexual toys of pleasure. While initially feeling a bit shy, my nervousness unraveled as I began discussing the products with other women standing nearby. Each would share their own experience of using the toy and identifying those preferable over others. This was groundbreaking for me and obviously my husband felt the same way. Returning from the break, questions and answers continued. One thing was clear, i.e. issues experienced by 18 year-olds still existed for folks well into their eighties. Dr. Fisher did provide helpful suggestions and it was evident everyone adjourned the seminar with a new respect and comfort level on this very important aspect vital to a happy life.”

Building Relationships Eighteen to Eighty – You did it Fran. B&T

“In The Bed & In The Bank”

Most recently, Dr. Fran was a speaker at this workshop to help empower and educate women in sex and money.

“Wow, what can you say!Dr. Fran speaks from the heart, the science, the experience, and most importantly the personal transformation. She creates a safe space to open up, explore and expand ones personal freedom with intimacy and sex.”

“I appreciate the demonstration of various tools/toys. All the handouts are wonderful. I applaud your open and intelligent presentation.”

“Your humor is delightful, your frankness refreshing. Physicians could use this.”

“Dr. Fran is wonderful. She brought such humor and joy to a topic that could be uncomfortable to talk about. I came away with so much useful information! I recommend her seminars to everyone.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I really appreciated all of the information and it was presented in such a fun way! Thank you – you did a wonderful, fun, educational and very professional presentation.”

Some previous workshops include:

UCDMC Preventative Cardiology Program “Sexuality for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease”

Human Sexuality Class

Longevity Center & the Gerontology Department at CSUS “Sexuality & Intimacy in Later Life”UC Davis Center for Healthy Aging 9/16/03

UC Davis Center for Healthy Aging “Still Sexy After All These Years”

University Retirement Community Davis “Still Sexy After All these Years”

Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center “Intimacy in Later Life”

Roseville Chapter of Mended Hearts


“Your presentation was by far the most interesting one we’ve experience since beginning our master’s program in counseling nearly two years ago. We appreciated not only your let’s-get-down-to-cases attitude and your sense of humor, but your absolutely non-judgmental reception of students’ questions.”

“I really enjoyed the presentation. I think the segment on knowing your own body is vital. So many women are too embarrassed or shy to explore themselves and then wonder why they cannot have orgasms. Most importantly, we, as women, need to get comfortable talking not only to our partners but to other women about our sexual needs.”

“Very useful. For the first time I can talk to someone else, other than my husband.”

“You’ve given me a totally new utlook, and I hope to use this informative class to my benefit. Looking forward to your next seminar.”

“The most common response I’ve received from classmates regarding your presentation is that they felt safe asking you anything at all. I would eagerly recommend you to any group needing information about sexuality in general or to any client seeking particular help with his or her own sexual issues.”