Dr Fran spoke to a group of varied cancer survivors and their partners/spouses. There were tears of laughter and tears of relief. Finally, someone willing to talk openly and honestly about very difficult topics that affect many people but especially those who are going through or have been through differing treatments for cancer. There are many effects that cancer treatment has on sexuality due to changes in body image related to disfiguring surgeries; side effects of medications causing loss of libido, vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse; side effects from radiotherapy such as contracture of the vagina and many more. She delivers her expertise as well as her personal journey with heartfelt humor. She is an amazing speaker! We love you Dr Fran and would love to have you back! Marlene Lennon, NP, CN-BP, Nurse Practitioner, Certified navigator

Dr. Fran approaches intimacy with professionalism, expertise, grace, and honesty.  We were so honored to have Dr. Fran speak at a conference for cancer survivors and caregivers where she fostered a safe environment for participants to be open and honest with their fears, frustrations, limitations, and mental attitudes towards themselves and their partners.  Her candidness, humor and vulnerability allowed participants to lower their guard and share with others, thus   allowing for personal breakthroughs. There were tears, laughter, and the revelation that survivors can, and should, have quality relationships despite scars (both visible and invisible) from cancer and all that comes with the disease.  One participant mentioned how Dr. Fran was able to help her more in one presentation and breakout session than everything she had learned throughout her entire survivorship and career as a nurse.  I cannot say enough about Dr. Fran. Cathy Anthony, MSN, RN, OCN

I met Fran Fischer at Roseville Sutter Hospital in California. The Sorptomest Organization was doing workshops on different topics, I was curious about the workshops on sex education. I saw Fran’s table with all kinds of vibrators, all shapes, colors and sizes and I thought this is going to be good! Fran started by talking about her back ground as an ex-nun and I thought wow an ex-nun with a bunch of vibrators! She was hilarious and picked up a small pink vibrator and said “If somebody walks in, just put it up to your ear and say, “Hello” and act like it’s your new phone”. I thought I must get to know this person since she brings so much fun to this topic of “sex education.” I think humor is the way to do it! Maria Cordova Retired School Psychologist

“My husband and I attended one of Dr. Fran Fisher’s sexuality seminars for couples. Neither of us had participated in anything like it before and was a bit unsure of what to expect. After seating ourselves, we looked around the room of 100 plus people observing couples ranging in ages from 18 to 80. While waiting for the seminar to begin, I began to wonder how Dr. Fisher would introduce the topic of sexuality, however, liberal as we view modern-day society, truth be told we’re all a bit shy when it comes to talking about it. Excuse the pun. Fran Fisher immediately put all at ease with a rather humorous short video. A true icebreaker. From there she had the crowd’s attention with her ease of discussing how our sexual behavior is formed to how it affects our expectations and ultimate happiness. At intermission the crowd mingled around the room looking at tables filled with sexual toys of pleasure. While initially feeling a bit shy, my nervousness unraveled as I began discussing the products with other women standing nearby. Each would share their own experience of using the toy and identifying those preferable over others. This was groundbreaking for me and obviously my husband felt the same way. Returning from the break, questions and answers continued. One thing was clear, i.e. issues experienced by 18 year-olds still existed for folks well into their eighties. Dr. Fisher did provide helpful suggestions and it was evident everyone adjourned the seminar with a new respect and comfort level on this very important aspect vital to a happy life.”

Building Relationships Eighteen to Eighty – You did it Fran! B&T

“Dr. Fran sorted through 15 years of intimacy issues around in our first meeting with her. She was direct, to the point, and quickly called both me and my wife out on issues affecting our relationship. We are now happier and more sexually fulfilled on a daily basis because of her assistance in our relationship. Seemingly overnight she helped transform our sex life that was filled with problems including premature ejaculation and issues with sexual desire. Now my wife cannot seem to get enough of me, the performance issues are resolved, and we lovingly flirt constantly throughout the day. Our first appointment with Dr. Fran is one of the single most pivotal and significant hours of my entire life. She has transformed our marriage relationship and our lives. Thanks again Dr. Fran.”

“Excellent. Wish all could hear you.”

“Thank you for your entertaining and illuminating talk on sexuality for patients with cardiovascular disease. As in the past you evidenced an excellent ability to bridge the often sensitive gap between fact and mythology regarding sexuality, and people with medical illness. The patients, psychology staff and I very much appreciated your sensitivity to the patients and their questions. Your warmth and wit created an environment conducive for patients to explore this sometimes uncomfortable yet vitally important area of functioning. Your use of examples, reference materials, and samples of devices patients may use was greatly appreciated by all. We will surely welcome your return for another series of lectures to our patients and wish you well in your work.” Doug Cort, PhD. Director of Psychology Section UCDMC Preventative Cardiology Program – Davis, California

“Dr. Fisher is an outstanding educator in the field of Human Sexuality. She is honest, forthright and passionate about the importance of sexuality in human relationships and she has an ability to help her clients and students address these topics comfortably.” Dr. Barnaby B. Barratt Professor of Family Medicine, Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience Wayne State University School of Medicine – Detroit, Michigan

“Fran Fisher has been a wonderful addition to my course in Human Sexuality. She blends frank, factual and honest talk into a fun and entertaining presentation. She is always well-received by my students. Many of them report feeling more open and comfortable about their sexuality after Fran’s presentation. She made them realize that sexuality was not something to be ashamed of. This, I believe, speaks most directly to her ability to reach people with questions about sex.” Tori Crews Professor and Department Head, Department of Psychology American River College – Sacramento, California

Dr. Fran spoke to our group on two different occasions. Her presentations were interesting, informative and even entertaining! Her style and wit made everyone feel at ease. We look forward to welcoming her back to speak at our club again. Douglas Hinchey Granite Bay Rotary Club – Granite Bay, California

“Wow! What can I say? Dr. Fran speaks from the heart, the science, the experience and most importantly the personal transformation. She creates a safe space to open up, explore and expand one’s personal freedom with intimacy and sex. ”

“Dr. Fran’s commitment and passion for liberating women’s sense of freedom and self-expression in the bedroom is palpable! I felt safe, respected and absolutely curious! ”

“I really enjoyed the presentation. I think the segment on knowing your own body is vital. So many women are too embarrassed or shy to explore themselves and then wonder why they cannot have orgasms. Most importantly, we as women, need to get comfortable talking not only to our partners, but to other women about our sexual needs. ”

“Dr. Fran spoke with passion and obviously loves her subject. She related to her audience and the participation showed a great sense of interest in her subject and offerings.”

“You did a beautiful job. Keep up all the good work. ”

“You do it so well! Keep it up! ”

“Very tasteful presentation. ”

“Very informative! Enjoyed thoroughly! ”

“Thank you Fran, beautifully done. Your style and information were most appreciated. ”

“This was an excellent presentation. Given in a very comfortable setting. ”

“Very good presentation. Physicians could use this. ”

“Your humor was delightful. Your frankness, refreshing. ”

“Very useful. It’s the first time I can talk to someone else other than to my husband. ”

“Everything was perfect…timing, handouts, and treats. Would not change a thing. Thank you.”

“You’ve given me a total new outlook and I hope to use this informative class to my total benefit. Looking forward to your next seminar. ”

“A very enlightening evening. Fra Fisher is a delightful person and speaker. ”

“Good physical presentation and demeanor. ”

“Good information presented in a casual way. Not embarrassing. Thank you. ”

“Fran’s enthusiasm and desire to serve and share is the best. So opened to receive all the info and suggestions. Thank you, Dianne. ”

“Want to come to more! ”

“Thanks for making this a light hearted and fun presentation. It is relevant. ”

“You were straight forward. Thanks! ”

“I appreciate the demonstration of various tools/toys. All the handouts are wonderful. I applaud your open and intelligent presentation. ”

“Very professional! ”

“Very good and done very well even with computer glitch. Enjoyed your presentation. ”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I really appreciated all of the information and presented in such a fun way! Thank you Fran – you did a wonderful, fun, educational and very professional presentation. ”

“Fran, I desire to be your Procurement Officer. Great job! ”

“Thank you – Sometimes the “simple” words can help you rethink your current adaption!”

“Very good presentation! ”

“Your presentation was excellent and your information direct and wide ranged. Thank you. ”

“I thought the TV presentation was wonderful. Good work. ”

“Very good presentation! ”

“Thank you Fran. Beautifully done. Both your style and information were most appreciated. ”

“Thanks it was a great presentation. ”

“Fabulous is all I can say. She is wonderful.”

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